My Journey

After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, in the seventies, started my career in a public sector undertaking engaged in machine tools manufacture.

Moved on to a well known cigarette manufacturing company, which placed great emphasis systems. Had an opportunity to shift to the organization’s EDP (IT as it was called those days), participated in systems development including some innovative applications.

My next employment was in an organization in auto ancillary serving automotive and locomotive industries. This organization went through significant IR problems. As its Finance Manager, I had the opportunity to understand the behaviour of costs at different activity levels, and was instrumental in designing a group incentive scheme that brought a turnaround for the plant.

My next organization was a large fertiliser plant which was in the final stages of its construction. Project cost monitoring and Systems for the Operating phase have been good opportunities.

After my stint with the fertiliser company, I had relocated to a metro, to join a process engineering solutions company, followed by a power-cable manufacturing, and after a brief stay with a large steel plant, joined a software services organization. During my 10 year association with this software services entity, it had grown from an employee strength of 3,500 to 27,000. Played the roles of a Controller and Head of Corporate Risk Management here.

The last in my employment journey was with a consulting organization, which also recorded significant growth during my 10 year stint with them. I have been instrumental in introducing Virtual CFO Services as a service offering by this organization, which has become its main say. Moved on to the role of an Advisor.

Feeling stale after every 4 or 5 years in an organization prompted me to make these moves, which gave me rich experiences and of course were quite beneficial to my employers. With a desire to share my experiences, published a book, titled, “Translating Operations into Money”, and now I have come up with Ace-Manager podcast series. You will be able to connect this narrative with many podcasts of Ace-Manager. Thank you for your patient reading and attention.

I like to pursue projects which can make my parent field accounting, more effective, with productive deployment of innovations in IT and AI. Shall keep you posted of progress.

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